MIT proposes the Boeing D Series to Reinvent the 737 for 70% greater fuel efficiency

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Instead of a single-fuselage cylinder, the D series melds two partial cylinders into a distinctive “double-bubble” shape. This adds to the lift and allows for longer, skinnier wings and a smaller tail, reducing drag. The engines sit at the top rear of the fuselage, where they draw in slower-moving air that passes over the plane, using less fuel for the same amount of thrust—a technique known as boundary layer ingestion. To mitigate the engine stress this creates, the plane would travel about 10 percent slower than a 737; the researchers anticipate making up this time through quicker loading and unloading via the plane’s second aisle.

UPDATE: A have a summary and links to the detailed reports that were provided to NASA by MIT, Boeing, GE and Northrop Grumman.

Popular Mechanics shows the MIT proposed Boeing D Series plane for 70 percent less fuel usage.

A reinvention of this Boeing 737 workhorse, called the D series, could burn 70 percent less fuel, emit 75 percent less nitrogen oxide and dampen noise from takeoffs and landings. In short, it could transform air travel into a more environmentally benign practice.

Significant tweaks to the 737’s basic tube-and-wing design add up “like compound interest” on the craft, says MIT aeronautics and astronautics professor Edward Greitzer. The MIT-led team, which includes two commercial partners, developed the D series in response to a $2.1 million NASA research program challenging engineers to design aircraft for 2035, by which time air travel is expected to have doubled

MIT writeup on the proposed plane

They are also working on a Boeing 777 replacement

MIT is working with Aurora Aerospace.

Nasa had submissions from several companies for next generation (N+3) planes.

Boeing had a supersonic design for 2030-2035 and

Lockheed martin also had an environmentally friendly supersonic design for 2030-2035

Nasa N-3 Goals

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