OECD Electricity Generation July 2010 and Japan up to September 2010

The International Energy Association has released the OECD electricity generation report for July 2010

January - July 2010 vs. the same period in 2009
Total OECD production reached 5 925.8 TWh, an increase of 3.7% or 209.5 TWh over the same period last year.

- Production from Geoth./Wind/Solar/Other showed the largest percentage change by energy source for both OECD Europe and OECD North America, being respectively, 13.0% and 17.3% higher.
- Production from Combustible Fuels increased in all OECD Europe, OECD North America and OECD Pacific, with an overall 4.5% increase to 3653.7 TWh for the OECD Total

Japanese electricity utilities report up to September 2010

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