Presentation of Uncommon Wisdom about Energy at TEDxBayArea by Brian Wang

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Here are the slides for the talk that I gave last night. I removed one slide that showed a comparison of different types of nuclear reactors (this is so that I could get the document below 10 megabytes for Google docs). A video of the talk should be available by the end of the month.

I was trying to give a high level view of energy and had 18 minutes to present it. some key points –
* per capita energy usage is strongly correlated to per capita GDP
* effective use of energy can save a lot of lives. Providing off grid power for keeping vaccines cool could save 5 million lives per year by 2015
* fixing pollution from energy and using energy for clean water could save another 5 million lives per year

Building new and fixing old energy infrastructure could reduce deaths per year by 20%.

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