Steel, Aluminum and Carbon Fiber

World Steel projected 5.3 per cent growth in steel demand to 1.34 billion tonnes for 2011. China’s apparent steel use in 2010 is expected to increase only 6.7 per cent to 579 million tonnes, after the strong increase of 24.8 per cent in 2009. China will account for about 45 per cent of world apparent steel use in 2011. Over the past quarter, iron ore prices have dropped by $6-10 a tonne to $145, while coking coal prices for the quarter have been at $205 a tonne, down by $10 quarter-on-quarter.

Aluminum prices rose to $2130 per ton in the first half of 2010 (versus $1422 ton in 2009). Aluminium production is about 42 million tons in 2010 and is expected to be 46 million tons in 2011. Aluminum demand is expected to be 62 million tons in 2015.

World magnesium production is at about 800,000 tons per year.

There is only about 70,000 tons per year of carbon fiber.

Here is a detailed view of carbon fiber and lighter weight material for cars and other applications. There will be about 70 million cars produced in 2010. There are 1 billion cars in the world now and will likely be 2 billion cars by 2020.

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