US Airplane Research and Development goals

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The US National Aeronautics Research and Development Plan, Feb 2010 Biennial update

• “N” refers to the current generation of tube-and-wing aircraft.
• “N+1” represents the next generation of tube-and-wing aircraft.
• “N+2” refers to advanced aircraft in the generation after N+1, which are likely to
use revolutionary configurations (such as hybrid wing-body, small supersonic jets,
cruise-efficient short takeoff and landing and advanced rotorcraft).
• “N+3” refers to the generation of aircraft after N+2, which have dramatically
improved performance and reduced noise and emissions.

Goal 1—Develop reduced aircraft separation in trajectory- and performance-based operations
Goal 2—Develop increased NAS capacity by managing NAS resources and air traffic flow contingencies
Goal 3—Reduce the adverse impacts of weather on air traffic management decisions
Goal 4—Maximize arrivals and departures at airports and in metroplex areas
Goal 5—Develop expanded manned and unmanned aircraft system capabilities to take advantage of increased air transportation system performance

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