AMD Fusion chips now and Wichita for tablets in 2012

EETimes reports that AMD will field Wichitain 2012 as a follow on to its 9 watt Ontario chip now being built into small notebooks and netbooks Some OEMs will build tablets using Windows 7 and the 1.2 GHz Ontario chip now shipping. However, Wichita, made in a 32 or 28nm process, will be a better option.

Both chips use DirectX 11 graphics cores and AMD’s new low power x86 core called Bobcat announced in August. Bobcat is geared to run up to 1.6 GHz with as many as two cores in 40nm processors. One to 3 Watt processors are the sweet spot for tablets.

AMD expects to be in production with 32nm parts by June, starting with its Llano processor for mainstream desktops and notebooks. It uses GPUs and an older so-called Stars generation of x86 cores. By mid-2011 AMD plans to have production chips in a 28nm process. That will be followed by a 20nm process in production by the end of 2013 and a 14nm process in late 2015.

AMD has shipped its first Fusion chips to customers

AMD has the 18-watt Zacate APU, which he said would deliver twice the gaming performance at half the power. There’s also a 9-watt version called Ontario, which is aimed at low-power systems like netbooks and ultra-mobile form factors. Both of these use the new “Bobcat” core and are part of the Brazos platform, which he said would enable battery life of up to 10 hours.

Bergman also showed a demo of the upcoming 32nm “Llano” chip, which he said was shipping test units to system-maker customers now, and said it would be shipping in the first half of 2011.

AMDs roadmap has new APUs every year. As part of this, the company is promsing “Trinity” to replace Llano for mainstream computing sometime in 2012; with Krisha (at 28nm) following for the low-power space.

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