Apple Could sell 100 million iPhones, 48 Million iPads in 2011

A bullish analyst (Wedge Partners analyst Brian Blair) is predicting that Apple will double 2010 iPhone sales in 2011

His checks with the supply chain suggest Apple intends to produce 45-48 million iPads next year, which would be up from his forecast of 13.5 million in 2010. Among the drivers he anticipates is the arrival of the iPad 2, which he thinks will include not only a front-facing camera, but also a thinner form factor essentially built from one piece of metal.

For those positive targets to be hit, it would require several things which probably will not happen

* Apple would have to introduce a sub-$500 iPad
* Tablets would have to nearly totally displace netbooks
* Android tablets would have to bomb in the market.
– Samsung seems to have a good tablet and will have follow up versions

In other smartphone news, HTC will soon open its own appstore.

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HTC, the Taiwanese smartphone maker, is hiring staff to prepare for the possible launch of an online store that would sell e-books and applications.

Acer, the world’s second-biggest PC maker, said last month that it planned to launch a “next generation” application store.

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