Color e-readers from Hanvon and Barnes and Noble

China Hanvon Technology is the world’s second-largest e-reader manufacturer and the world’s leading technology supplier of handwriting recognition, optical character recognition and biometrics identification.

NY Times reports Hanvon’s first color e-ink product will using a 9.68-inch color touch screen will be available this March in China, starting at about $440. The price is less than an iPad in China, which sells for about $590. It will be positioned as a business product, with Wi-Fi and 3G wireless connectivity.

Hanvon has a 78 percent share of the Chinese e-reader market.

Ms. Colegrove of DisplaySearch said these types of lower-cost products should continue to gain market share, growing from four million units sold worldwide in 2009 to 14 million units by 2011. At the same time, slate-type devices like the iPad will increase from one million in 2009 to 40 million in 2011

Barnes and Noble recently announced the color e-reader Nook.

$249 for the Nook Color

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