Densest GPU Servers

Server maker AMAX has introduced what it says is the densest GPU computing system on the market. The ServMax AS-5160G is a 16-GPU, 4-CPU system that delivers more than 8 teraflops of high performance computing in a mere 5U of rack space. Scaled up to a 42U rack, an AS-5160G cluster will deliver over 64 double-precision teraflops.

Appro recently introduced its Tetra 1U server, which is equipped with two x86 CPUs and four Fermi GPUs. If you string four of these together, you get 16 GPUs plus 8 CPUs in a 4U space. That would edge out the ServMax AS-5160G for sheer computational performance.

Other competition includes Dell, which can build a 7U 16-GPU solution from its 3U PowerEdge C410x GPU expansion chassis and two 2U PowerEdge 6100 servers. HP is also in the running with its new dual-socket 3-GPU ProLiant SL390s G7; coupling four together will yield a nifty little 4U 12-GPU cluster.

The AMAX system would be most energy efficient of any of these, though, since it uses only four CPUs to drive its 16 graphics processors.

Nvidia has a preview of a cooler, quieter and faster GPU

NVIDIA claims that with their new vapor chamber technology their new GPUs will run at much lower temperatures, but also reduces noise level by a great margin.

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