Exelon may add 1500 Megawatts from Nuclear Uprates by 2017

Exelon said that between now and 2014 it will add more than 400 MWe of new generating capacity through the implementation of nuclear uprates. These uprates will avoid more than 2 million metric tonnes of CO2 emissions annually. It added that it has developed a plan to implement an additional 900 MWe worth of extended power uprates, “but these projects will not be achieved until 2015 at the earliest given their long lead times and large capital investment requirements.”

Uprate projects are currently underway at Exelon’s Braidwood, Byron, Dresden, LaSalle and Quad Cities plants in Illinois and at its Limerick and Peach Bottom plants in Pennsylvania. Exelon is expected to add more than 75 MWe in 2010 through uprates and megawatt recovery projects as part of its long-term commitments to uprate nine Exelon Nuclear plants. The company said, “In total, 1500 nuclear-generated megawatts over the next several years would displace 8 million metric tonnes of CO2 emissions annually and help Exelon more than exceed our 2020 goal.”

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