Hitachi paves the way to 24 Terabyte hard drives with 3.9Tbit per Square Inch Hard Disk Drive Technology

CDRInfo – Japanese researchers have developed a new HDD (hard disk drive) technology that could boost the capacity of hard disk drives to 24TB (Terabytes).

The New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), Japan’s public management organization that promotes research and development on energy and environmental technologies, National University Corporation Tokyo Institute of Technology, Kyoto University and Hitachi, have successfully developed a HDD technology for storing data at a density of 3.9Tbit per square inch.

The Japanese researchers have developed an ultra-high density paterning technology based on a self-arranged phenomenon of polymer materials. The materials allowed for the formation of accurate magnetic structures sized just 10 nanometers.

The technology, when applied to current density HDD (with areal density of about 500Gbits / square inch), will result to an 8-fold increase in the recording density. This means that we could see HDD with capacities of 24TB in the future.

The new technology will be presented at the 2010 Material Research Society Fall meeting, held November 29-December 3 in Boston, Massachusetts.

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