Kinect for Gesture based gaming without a controller and next kinect for PCs and G-speak the MIT Lab system

Microsoft began selling its Kinect sensors for Xbox gesture based gaming and facial recognition without a controller.

Microsoft’s newly commercialized NUI (natural user interface) could soon be on PCs

Leaked slides suggested that gesture based interface and facial recognition could be in Windows 8. Windows 8 is expected in 2012

G-speak is at MIT Labs. G-Speak uses a mounted camera to track the user’s gloves as they move in space. It has sub millimeter precision and can handle quick motions and multiple users. In his TED talk (video below), Underkoffler promised that in a few years, we wouldn’t even need the gloves anymore – computer vision and tracking would improve enough so you could just use your bare hands.

Hitachi is also working on a Minority report like gesture control interface.

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