Toro’s managing director Greg Hall calls for Australian Uranium mining leadership

Toro’s managing director Greg Hall says Kazakhstan currently produces 18,000 tonnes of uranium but Australia could produce 30,000 tonnes of the mineral by 2020. He is calling on anti-nuclear and anti-uranium groups as well as non government organisations to embrace uranium mining.

Kazatomprom has talked about uranium production targets of 26,000 tons or higher for 2020 Kazatomprom will produce 17,800 tons of uranium this year.

At the high price end for uranium, Australia could produce 7000 tons of additional uranium oxide by 2015, rising to 14,000 tons by 2022. A median price range would see this output ease back to between 3000 additional tonnes in 2015 and just under 12,000 additional tonnes in 2022. A low price environment going forward would see only a low increase in Australian uranium oxide output to barely above 2,000 additional tonnes in 2015 and up to 4,000 additional tonnes between 2018 and 2022.

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