Video of my Tedx talk Uncommon wisdom about Energy

Video of my Tedx talk Uncommon wisdom about Energy

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The embedded links to the slides and the video of the talk are below.

One of the questions was about the linear no threshold radiation issue. Here is more information about that.

Traditional approach based on linear model (LNT)

“Whether there is a threshold dose below which no effect is produced is still open to doubt, but on present knowledge it seems unlikely that any such threshold exists. It must, therefore, be assumed that even very small doses produce some small risk of cancer and, if the individual is not beyond reproductive age, some risk of causing subsequent offspring to have a genetic defect.”

From ‘Epidemiological evidence of effects of small doses of ionising
radiation with a note on the causation of clusters of childhood
leukaemia’R Doll 1993 J. Radiol. Prot.13233-241

This is not logical. Resolution should be determined by data not by preconceptions.

lacerations, blood loss.
-modest laceration, 10 days and then complete recovery
-intermediate laceration, leaves scar tissue but full function
-severe laceration, permanent loss of function

even death tissue overheating also have lower thresholds.

A presentation by a physics professor at Oxford university.

An extraordinary incident occurred 20 years ago in Taiwan. Recycled steel, accidentally contaminated with cobalt-60 (half-life: 5.3 y), was formed into construction steel for more than 180 buildings, which 10,000 persons occupied for 9 to 20 years. They unknowingly received radiation doses that averaged 0.4 Sv, a ‘collective dose’of 4,000 person-Sv.

Is Chronic Radiation an Effective Prophylaxis Against Cancer?

W L Chen is Director, Department of Medical Radiation Technology, National Yang-Ming University; Head, Radiation Protection Department of AEC; and former Head, Health Physics Division of INER. Y C Luan is Senior Scientist and Manager of Radiation Protection, NUSTA; consultant to NBC Society; former Manager, Radioactive Waste Management Plant; etc

General conclusions (within factors of 2)
•Radiation is like other hazards –life has defences
•Low-dose repair time is on the scale of a day or so
•Doses below threshold (100mSv) cause no damage.
•Above threshold, permanent damage (scar tissue) results. Such scar tissue may remain benign, or later become malignant, like other scars
•A single dose of 100mSv or a dose rate of 100mSv in any
week should be allowed (5000mSv/yr).
Current legal limits: Public: 1 mSv/year;
employees working with ionising radiation: 20 mSv/yr.
Note: in radiotherapy healthy tissue receives up to 1500mSv/day
repeatedly, with generation of scar tissue.
•This is 500,000Xcurrent legal limit &100Xsuggested limit

Tedx talk Uncommon wisdom about Energy by Brian Wang from brian wang on Vimeo.

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