World energy is expensive and all of it is subsidized

All forms of energy generation are subsidized.

Energy is not cheap. There is a recent estimate that $25 trillion will need to be put into building what is needed to meet global energy demand increases between 2010 and 2030 For solar and wind, the analogy is books and libraries. One book may be cheap and fast to print but all the books in all the libraries takes time and are expensive.

The world is building a lot of coal power, natural gas, oil, biofuel, nuclear, hydro and wind. There is also some solar and geothermal.

The IEA world energy outlook for 2010-2035

EIA information on subsidies.

Source – subsidy and support in dollars per megawatt-hour (mills per kilowatt-hour)

Nuclear – 1.59
Biomass (and biofuels) – 0.89
Geothermal – 0.92
Hydroelectric – 0.67
Solar- 24.34
Wind – 23.37
Landfill Gas – 1.37
Municipal Solid Waste – 0.13
Renewables (average) – 2.80
Total (average) -1.65

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