World nuclear power generation 2010

Nuclear power generation for 2009 was 2558 TWH and 2601 TWH in 2008. Currently the nuclear generation is tracking 40-60 TWH ahead of 2009 levels.

The OECD which generated 2134 TWH out of 2558 TWH in 2009 (83.4%) is 0.9% ahead of 2009 for the first eight months The OECD could still hit the 2008 levels which would be about 20 TWH higher than 2009 because there was a dropoff in the last three months in the US and France.

Russia’s nuclear power (for Jan-Oct 2010) was 137.9 billion kWh which is an increase of 5% over 2009. Maintaining this pace will be a 9 TWH increase over 2009.

The Ukraine generated 84.3 TWH in 2008 and 77.8 TWH in 2009. They appear on track to surpass the 2008 level in 2010.

Ukrainian nuclear power plants (NPPs) produced 64.429 billion kWh of electricity in January-September 2010.

Ukrainian NPPs increased production by 6.9% tо 72.571 billion kWh up to the end of October. Ukrainian NPPs are planning to produce about 90 billion kWh of electric energy in 2011.

China’s nuclear power generation rose 3.9% to 6.92 billion kWh in October, 2010 China started two new nuclear reactors in 2010. China should be 6-12 TWH ahead of the 65.7 TWH generated in 2009.

India generated 14.8 TWH in 2009. India is tracking to about 22 TWH for 2010 and 35 TWH in 2011. The increase is due to restored fuel supply after embargos were lifted.

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