Write strategies for multiterabit per square inch scanned-probe phase-change memories

A mark-length write strategy for multiterabit per square inch scanned-probe memories is described that promises to increase the achievable user density by at least 50%, and potentially up to 100% or more, over conventional approaches. The new study shows how the density could be increased to 10 Tbit/in^2 or more. The viability of the write strategy has been demonstrated by experimental scanning probe write/read measurements on phase-change (GeSbTe) media. The advantages offered by adopting mark-length recording are likely to be equally applicable to other forms of scanned probe storage

ProTeM (Probe-based Terabit Memory) is an EU FP6 Integrated Project funded by the IST Micro-and Nanosystems programme.

Project Aim- To develop Probe Storage micro-nano techniques and systems for ultra-high capacity, low power, small form-factor memories, with a particular focus on archival and backup applications.

Vision- Ultra-high storage densities (1-10 Tbit/sq.in), ultra-high capacities (20 TBytes in CD-sized area), media and system lifetimes and data rates suitable for archival and backup storage.

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