25 most valuable blogs in America according to 24/7 Wall Street

24.7 Wall Street has an updated estimate of the 25 most valuable blogs in America

Blogs that were on previous lists that were sold include Ars Technica and PaidContent.org. Last year we ranked TechCrunch as the fifth most valuable blog with a value of $32 million. Based on recent media reports, AOL acquired the blog for $25 million to $40 million. 24/7 had estimated its revenue at $9.5 million and operating profit at $3 million.

1. Gawker value $240 million
The sites have about 235 million pageviews a month, and CPMs average $19 per page. This means the company’s revenue is $53.6 million.

2. The Huffington Post.
Valuation: $150 million.

The large news and information blog has more than 20 million unique visitors and 24/7 estimates pageviews per month of 180 million. Attempts by the company’s new management and sales staff to raise the quality of the site have worked. Average CPMs on each page is up to $13. Huffington’s revenue for 2010 will be close to $28 million. Expensive business model with 150 employees.

3. Drudge report – Value $50 million
Drudge revenue in 2010 will be nearly $13 million. The site’s unique visitors are higher than last year, up about 30% to 13 million.

4. PopSugar Media.
Valuation: $40 million.

5. MacRumors.
Valuation: $37 million.

6. Cheezburger Network.
Valuation: $35 million.

7. Perez Hilton.
Valuation: $32 million.

8. SB Nation Network.
Valuation: $30 million.

9. Funnyordie.
Valuation: $24 million.

10. Mashable.
Valuation: $20 million.

11. Seeking Alpha.
Valuation: $19 million.

12. GigaOm
Valuation: $16 million.
Pageviews of 12 million at a $19 CPM.

13. BoingBoing.
Valuation: $15 million ($18 million in 2009).

14. ReadWriteWeb.
Valuation: $9 million.

The site covers online trends, particularly as they relate to Internet industry news. Ten million pageviews and $25 CPM per page. Total revenue of $3 million. Editorial and administrative staff of over 20 and ads sold by Federated Media. Operating income of $300,000.

15. Business Insider.
Valuation: $9 million.

16. Breitbart sites.
Valuation: $8 million.

17. BuzzMedia.
Valuation: $7 million.

18. Destructoid.
Valuation: $6 million.

19. Slashfilm.
Valuation: $5 million.

20. Smashing Magazine.
Valuation: $5 million

21. TPM Media.
Valuation: $5 million.

22. Pitchfork.
Valuation: $4 million.

23. Pajamas Media.
Valuation: $3.5 million.

24. Mediaite.
Valuation: $3 million.

25. MichelleMalkin.com.
Valuation: $2.5 million.

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