Angstron Materials has a graphene based supercapacitor with specific energy density of 136 watt hours per kilogram

Angstron Materials has invented a graphene-based supercapacitor with ultra high energy density, a feature that permits storage of a significant amount of energy This development has pushed the specific energy density of an electrical double-layer (EDL) graphene-enabled supercapacitor to an unprecedented level of nearly 90 watt hours per kilogram at room temperature and a level of 136 watt hours per kilogram at 80° Celsius.”

The world’s largest producer of nano graphene platelets (NGPs), Angstron’s single layer graphene has exhibited the highest electrical properties including exceptional in-plane electrical conductivity (up to ~ 20,000 S/cm) when compared to other nanomaterials including carbon nano-tubes (CNTs) and carbon nano-fibers (CNFs). Graphene also offers a very high specific surface area – up to 2675 square meters per gram. By creating curved graphene sheets that resist restacking, Angstron was able to dramatically improve specific surface area and energy density for greater energy storage.

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