Another successful prediction – up to 3584 cores in the Dell Poweredge C410X

Prediction Thousand+ CPU workstations- mainstream chip vendors 2009-2012

1000 CPUs (cores) from a mainstream vendor

S2050 1U, GPU Computing System

4 × 448 (1792 cores)

Specificiations at Nvidia

Form Factor 1U
# of Tesla GPUs 4
448 cores per Fermi chip

The Dell C410X allows eight Nvidia Fermi cards to be out into one server

The PowerEdge™ C410x is a 3U, 16-slot external PCIe rack chassis that can support any server with up to eight GPGPU cards. This enables massive parallel calculations that are separate from the server, which greatly enhances system performance and flexibility.

3584 cores.

The PowerEdge™ C410x is a 3U, 16-slot external PCI Express (PCIe) expansion chassis that can support up to eight host connections to up to 16 graphics processing unit (GPU) cards. Adds up to 16.48 Teraflops of Computational Power to your Data Center.

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