Around one billion chinese living in cities by 2025 and almost 600 million Indians by 2030

McKinsey forecasts that China will have over one billion people living in cities by 2025 and India will have 590 million people in cities by 2030

Mckinsey Indian city report is 234 pages

* Indian cities will create 70 percent of new jobs, and these will prove a powerful magnet. MGI projects that the urban population of India will increase from 340 million in 2008 to 590 million by 2030.

* If India pursues a new operating model for its cities, it could add as much as 1 to 1.5 percent to annual GDP growth, bringing the economy near to the double-digit growth to which the government aspires.

* If India continues to invest in urban infrastructure at its current rate—very low by international comparison—gridlock and urban decay will result.

* From 2002 to 2007, India invested 5.7% of GDP on infrastructure while China invested 9.3%

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