McKinsey Proposes a green revolution development plan for China

McKinsey – China’s Green Revolution (140 pages) Feb 2009

Recommendations –
1. Get coal generated power down to 34% of electrical generation or less (costs increase to 50 billion euros per year)
2. Go 100% electric cars and vehicles by 2020 (cost 70 billion euros/year)
3. Manage waste in high emission industries (steel, cement, chemicals, coal, waste management) (15 billion euro per year cost)
4. Green Buildings and lighting (will cost 50 billion euros per year but savings will pay for upfront costs)
5. Green Ecosystem (manage agriculture and forestry)
6. Green mindset (urban and consumer behavior)
more high rises which are 10-15% more efficient and promote more public transportation

China appears to be going for a more aggressive buildout of nuclear power and hydro power than the McKinsey 2009 proposal. China is targeting 112-120 GW for 2020 for nuclear power and the 2030 target could be 300-400 GW for nuclear.

Barrons – If China boosted its goal for that year to 112 gigawatts, that would mean that the Chinese would need 64 million pounds of Uranium by then, nearly 50% of the 132 million pounds that will be produced this year, based on methodology used by consulting firm McKinsey, which thinks that the real capacity goal is higher: 120 gigawatts.

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