OLED displays will have a breakthrough year in 2011

2011 should be the decisive market and production breakthrough for OLED technology in displays and lighting. By mid-2011 Erich Strasser expects global OLED production to have multiplied tenfold and promises numerous new, exciting products in the future. Strasser is very biased as he runs the site OLED-display.net.

What to expect :
* windows with transparent OLEDs (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) will be commonplace in a few years time: during daylight hours they are transparent – in the evenings the OLEDs become a source of light.

* Windscreens in cars will function similarly, allowing navigation information to be transmitted through transparent OLEDs.

* The lifespan of the OLEDs will double, and contrast and colors will improve significantly.

* In 2011, LG plans to offer a 31″ OLED 3D TV

* Samsung may have a rollable OLED TV within 24 months (by end of 2012)

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