Overview of Field Reversed Configuration Propulsion and Materials Research

Overview of FRC Propulsion and Materials Research by David Kirtley, George Votroubek, John Slough and others (38 page powerpoint)

We have developed an advanced thruster concept that works and has wide-reaching payoffs. The current devices can achieve 1000-6000 ISP. Theoretically 1,000,000 ISP is possible with deuterium-helium 3.

* The ELF thruster is a major improvement over traditional electric propulsion, for most power levels and missions
* Neutral entrainment could make it revolutionary – dramatically extending the specific impulse, thrust-to-power, and power ranges.
* Direct innovative application to hypersonic vehicles, air-breathing space propulsion, in-situ propellant utilization, high-altitude recon, propellant sharing (multi mode), and ???.

Fundamental Questions:
Are there unforeseen technology development challenges to a pulsed inductive thruster?
What are the power, specific impulse, geometry and density limits of neutral entrainment?

MSNW is a company set up by John Slough to develop these ideas

At MSNW LLC., we are investigating several techniques for realistic-scale fusion that is applicable to practical energy conversion and energy generators. Our research is focused on pulsed magnetic fusion (pulsed MFE), a middle ground between Tokamak and Laser-driven inertial fusion.

Helion Energy is a second nuclear fusion company set up by John Slough.

Art Carlson describes John Slough’s work in this comment at Talk Polywell.

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