US Energy generation additions in 2010 were mostly coal and natural gas

For the first 11 months of 2010, a total of 16,500 MW of capacity came online in the USA:

6,682 MW of coal; [73.6% capacity factor 2007]
6,016 MW of natural gas; [combined cycle 42% capacity factor]
3,119 MW of wind; [36% capacity factor]
454 MW of biomass and waste products;
150 MW of solar;
50 MW of geothermal and
23 MW of hydro. [36% capacity factor]

Also for the first 11 months of 2010, 2,300 MW of capacity retired:
1,879 MW of natural gas;
287 MW of coal;
87 MW of renewable
and 25 MW of oil

Net additions were first 11 months of 2010
6395 MW of coal
4137 MW of natural gas
3,119 MW of wind;
454 MW of biomass and waste products;
150 MW of solar;
50 MW of geothermal
23 MW of hydro.
-87MW renewable
-25MW of oil

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Estimated US nuclear fleet capacity increased to 92 percent last week from 89 percent. Four units came back online from refueling, leaving two units refueling during the fall 2010 outage season. Millstone 2 shut down briefly “after a circulating water pump shut down during condenser water box backflushing

2009 US energy additions

In 2009, nuclear capacity increased 249 MW, due to a combination of uprates (technical modifications of existing units) and other net capacity adjustments.

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