Wimax still increasing revenue and coverage

Sprint, Clearwire (the brand name of the service provided by Clear) and Time Warner Cable will roll out versions of the Clear service Wimax under their own branding by the end of the year

Clear Wimax si in New York as of November 1, Los Angeles on December 1 and will be in San Francisco before the end of the year.

Infonetics Research: WiMAX market continues to defy TD-LTE doom-sayers: 3Q10 revenue up 8% The WiMAX market is battling through a tough year, with perceptions of the technology dented by the promise of TD-LTE.

*Service providers have stated publicly (including KDDI recently in Japan) that LTE is not sufficient to address capacity issues and they intend to adopt a broad 4G strategy that includes WiFi and WiMAX as complementary technologies.

* In 12 months, from 2009 to 2010, the number of WiMAX subscribers worldwide is more than doubling, from just under 3 million to more than 7.5 million

Clearwire does not have a cap on its bandwidth usage.

A Clear customer using 20 GB a month for $45. With Verizon and its usage caps on the 10 GB plan, the same person could be paying $180 a month.

ATT indicates that although Verizon now has LTE which is very fast, unless there is an upgrade to the non-LTE portion customers will experience a big dropoff in communication speed.

Clearwire is raising $1.1 billion to continue building and operating its Wimax network

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