China brain project is scheduled to complete this year

The China Brain Project: An Evolutionary Engineering Approach to Building China’s First Artificial Brain Consisting of 10,000s of Evolved Neural Net Minsky-Like Agents There is a video below from 2008.

The China brain project is a 4 year research project (2008-2011) to build China’s first artificial brain. It takes an “evolutionary engineering” approach, by evolving 10,000s of neural net modules, (or “agents” in the sense of Minsky’s “Society of Mind” [Minsky 1988, 2007]), and connecting them to make artificial brains. These modules are evolved rapidly in seconds on a “Tesla” PC Supercomputer, and connected according to the artificial brain designs of human “BAs” (Brain Architects). The artificial brain will eventually contain thousands of pattern recognizer modules, and hundreds of decision modules that when suitably combined will control the hundreds of behaviors of a walking, talking robot.

Transcript of the China brain project video

A presentation from 2009

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