New Energy Times Interviews Rossi who hopes to reveal a one megawatt low energy nuclear reaction device in September or October 2011

New Energy Times – Energy Catalyzer: It Works and It’s Not Fusion

* it is not “cold fusion” but weak [force] nuclear reactions. Pons and Fleischmann did heavy-water electrolysis with a palladium cathode and a platinum anode. I don’t do electrolysis, I don’t use either platinum or palladium and I use temperatures that manage to melt nickel.

* I’ve invented the method and the apparatus. Professor Focardi had a fundamental role as a consultant, according to a definite agreement. He gave important contributions during the experimental phase, on the research method and on security systems. Thanks also to his deep experience with nickel-hydrogen reactions.

PASSERINI. You’ve stated that you will soon disclose a new 1 MW prototype (by arranging in parallel or serially – I haven’t understood clearly – units similar to that demonstrated in Bologna). Could you better explain this step and tell us when you expect a public demonstration?

ROSSI. It’s exactly as you say: Modules like that verified in Bologna will be serially connected in order to increase temperatures and in parallel to increase energy at a constant temperature. I hope we will be able to unveil it [one megawatt prototype] by September-October 2011

A new company has been founded in Athens, Defkalion Energy, which will manufacture catalyzers. Could you tell us some more details?

ROSSI. It’s a European Newco, affiliated with the largest businesses in the sector. They will issue a press release soon to announce themselves to the public.

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