Nvidia rumored to launch Tegra 3 mobile chip next month

Hexus reports that Nvidia is expected to launch the Tegra 3 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month. The Tegra 3 should be on a 28nm manufacturing process. Tegra 2 is on a 40 nm process.

Project Denver is the NVIDIA/ARM design partnership, with a view to using it in high-end computers. We asked Rayfield to elaborate.

“As well as licensing Cortex A15, we also have an architectural license with ARM to produce an extremely high performance ARM CPU, which be combined with NVIDA GPUs for super-computing,” he said. When we asked for timescales, Rayfield revealed: “The Maxwell generation will be the first end-product using Project Denver. This is a far greater resource investment for us than just licensing a design.”

NVIDIA had revealed its GPU roadmap back in September. It has Maxwell launching sometime in 2013, and offering a massive increase in processing power over even the previous Kepler generation. The mystery of how this will be achieved now seems to have been solved.

Qualcomm has yet to show us any dual-core Snapdragon smartphones (only demos). Texas Instruments also revealed that their dual-core OMAP4430 was in BlackBerry Playbook, but we have yet to see any smartphones get announced. Qualcomm and Texas Instruments will likely get their dual-core processors inside some Android phones at MWC.

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