Tethered Jetpack for recreational flying over water

Jetlev concept greatly improves thrust-to-weight ratio by locating the propulsion engine, fuel and related systems on a separate vessel tethered behind the jetpack, and uses water as the jet propulsion medium because its high density can carry vast amounts of power at much lower velocities, and generate nozzle reaction forces much more effectively, than gases.

JetLev will go on sale later this year and allows you to soar up to 8.5 meters above water at a maximum speed of 35 kilometres per hour. The jetpack is expected to be snapped up for recreational use, by resorts, rental agencies or anyone with $175,000. It could be used for search and rescue, marine structure inspection and repair, lifesaving, firefighting and even peacekeeping.

Flight ceiling (measured at feet level): 28 feet (8.5 meters)
Duration at wide open throttle (approx.) 1 hour
Duration at cruising speed (approx.) 1.5-2 hours

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