Volkswagen will produce at least 100 of the 261 mpg car

Automobilwoche heard in Qatar both from Piech (prior chariman of VW) and Winterkorn (Martin Winterkorn Chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen AG) that Volkswagen will actually build a small series (about 100 first) of the 261 mpg XL1 car. Piech confirmed that the car will be made available for purchase at a yet undisclosed price. It’s not just a field test.

English translation of the Automobilwoche page

The two-seater will make do with less than one liter of diesel per 100 kilometers. The two-seater XL1 is the latest concept car from VW. With it renewed the manufacturer is formulated several years ago claiming to build a one-liter car. By some carbon existing body weighs only 795 kg the vehicle. Its inspired by a dolphin body shape is particularly aerodynamically (CW-value: 0.186).

In trip brings the XL1, a two-cylinder diesel with 0.8 liter displacement and 35 kW/48 hp, which an electric motor of 20 kW/27 PS at their side. Fed by a rechargeable lithium-ion plug on each battery, the XL1 take up to 35 kilometers without a diesel. Both motors work together, the prototype accelerates According to VW in 11.9 seconds to 100 and reached a maximum of 160 km / h.

According to the XL1 Piech has the second highest rate of carbon parts on the body after the Bugatti Veyron. The cost of carbon has fallen dramatically: The body of the first one-liter cars from VW in 2002 still cost 35,000 euros, that of the XL1 is only at 5000 euros. Hackenberg expected that the prices for lithium-ion batteries to fall and move to 2013 at a level 200-250 euro. The XL1 is so long and wide as a VW Polo, but relatively flat.

According to Winterkorn, the car will be introduced in Germany first. The U.S. and China will follow at a later point in time.

Where the car will be built is also not decided, according to Volkswagen’s CTO Ulrich Hackenberg, Wolfsburg and Dresden are an option.

This is the third iteration of Volkswagen’s continuing mission to mock today’s emissions regulations by creating a concept which returns 313mpg (1 liter of fuel for 100 kilometers of driving).

The XL1 also emits 24g/km of CO2, setting unbelievable benchmarks for saving our green ‘n’ blue hemisphere. VW says its combined range is around 340 miles on a 10-litre tank.

It’s powered by a two-cylinder 800cc TDI diesel producing 47bhp, and is linked to a 26bhp electric motor, equalling a total of 73bhp. The power is sent to the rear wheels via a seven-speed DSG gearbox with an automatic clutch fitted between each unit. This means the electric motor can work independently of the diesel or with it when accelerating.

As expected, the XL1 is constructed using space-age materials not yet discovered on this Earth, but probably capable of withstanding nuclear fallout. Or a trip to Burger King. VW says it developed and patented a new system manufacturing carbon fibre reinforced polymer, and as such, the XL1 weighs just 795kg.

The wheels are made of magnesium, the brake discs are ceramic and the boingy stuff is made of aluminium. That slim-fast figure equals a 0-62mph time of 11.9 seconds – not bad for 73bhp – while top speed is limited to 99mph.

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