Carnival of nuclear energy 39

The Carnival of Nuclear Energy 39 is up at Cool Hand Nuke

Idaho Samizdat reports on Nuclear power in Turkey

Toshiba is “confident” it will seal a deal to build a 5.4 GWe nuclear energy power station on a Black Sea coastal site near Sinop. Norio Sasaki, Toshiba’s president, told the Financial Times 2/8 terms and conditions that remain to be negotiated include long-term risk insurance. Toshiba will supply its 1300 MW ABWR reactor design and not the Westinghouse AP1000.

This is the second nuclear deal for Turkey. In 2010 the Russian state-owned firmAtomstroyexport inked a deal for a 4.8 GWe nuclear power station at a Mediterranean costal site near Akkuyu.

Minnesota and Kentucky are lifting their bans on nuclear reactors

Nextbigfuture provided the articles:

Russia developing nanosteel which can increase the lifespan of nuclear reactors to 100 years and an update of expected nuclear reactors based on the IAEA database and the World Nuclear Association report

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