EMC2 – Bussard Fusion – Status from the end of 2010

EMC2 quarterly report from the end of 2010

WB-8 device construction is completed. The first plasma was generated successfully on Nov. 1, 2010.

Dense Plasma Fusion Competitor to EMC2 assessment

Energy/Matter Conversion Corporation (aka EMC2) is currently studying the feasibility of net power from fusion using Dr. Robert Bussard’s Polywell confinement concept.

The device under testing is known as the WB-8.

* The WB-8 device was due to be completed by Apr. 30, 2010, but it looks like they didn’t really start testing until the fall. Their final report is due at the end of this April, 2011, so they will have six months of testing.

* The WB-8 isn’t intended to be a net power machine. What it is intended to do is thoroughly test the scaling properties of the Polywell design to see if a net power reactor is practicable.

* EMC2 will only be testing D+D fusion in the WB-8. However, if the results are promising enough, they have an option to extend their contract to test p+B11 fusion. If they do, the new device (WB-8.1) will be due by Oct. 31, 2011, and the final report will be due a year later.

* If either the WB-8 or the WB-8.1 produces promising results, EMC2 will go on to build the WB-D, a 100 MW demonstration reactor.

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