Living without Cable or Satellite Television

Last year I dropped my Satellite TV and switched to using the Nintendo Wii to view Netflix. I used the Nintendo Wii because it could hook up to an older TV that did not have an HDMI connection but the older component (Red, White, Yellow) connection.

Devices like Roku can be used to connect TVs with HDMI to Netflix and Hulu.

Amazon has started streaming television and movies to those with Amazon Prime ($79/year).

Laptops and computers can access foreign TV and movies and Netflix, Hulu and other video sources in a more complete way than most of the dedicated devices.

There are many cables available at Amazon and other electronic sources for connecting your computer to send output to a larger television screen. The proper connections are important. You need to examine what kind of computer video output you have and the inputs into your TV. (For example an older Macbook has a mini-DVI output.)

Over The Air Digital and HDTV

The regular network (CBS, ABC, NBC) channels are still broadcast with digital signals and can be accessed with digital antennas.

Antennas Direct DB2 Multi Directional HDTV Antenna
* Range of 1-30 miles and high gain of up to 11.4 dBi
* Multi-directional (pulls in signals from many directions)
* Great for indoor, outdoor, and attic use
* Functions well in areas where a low profile antenna is required

To watch true HDTV, you’ll need:

* Programming originating (produced) and broadcast in HDTV (Not all programming from your local station or cable or satellite channels is broadcast in HD–consult your local programming guide)
* An HDTV tuner (receiver)
* An HDTV monitor (display)

Note: While your new antenna will allow you to receive local over-the-air (OTA) digital TV stations, it will not provide cable or satellite channels.

Antennas Direct DB4 Multi-Directional HDTV Antenna

The DB4 has become our most popular model because it is simply the best Mid Range HDTV antenna on the market. With an approximate 13.7 dB gain, it is one of the strongest multi-directional antennas available and performs consistently across the entire UHF spectrum. It even works well in areas where HD transmitters are in multiple directions.

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