OECD nuclear generation up to November 2010

The OECD nuclear electricity generation for Jan-Nov 2010 was 1984.1 TWH which was 2.3% more than last year 2010 estimate including December, is 2160TWH to 2175 TWH (35-50TWH more than in 2009).

December, 2010 probably will probably be in the range of 175-190 TWH.

For 2010, preliminary numbers indicate that US nuclear plants generated 806.3 billion kWh, 1.2% higher than 2009. This is just shy of the record generation in 2007 of 806.4 bkWh. Nuclear generation during December 2010 was the highest yet for any December at 73.0 bkWh.

* The preliminary capacity factor for 2010 was 91.1 percent compared to 90.5 percent in 2009 and 91.8 percent in 2007. The average refueling outage duration in 2010 was 39 days compared to 41 in 2009.

* Capacity factors for the 35 boiling water reactors in 2010 averaged 92.0 percent compared to 90.5 percent for the 69 pressurized water reactors.

Major non-OECD nuclear countries (Russia, Ukraine, China and India) all generated more in 2010 than in 2009

2010 world nuclear generation is probably 2640-2650 TWH.

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