Compass Summit follow up to Techonomy

There will be a new conference called the Compass Summit which is an outgrowth of the Techonomy conference which I attended in August of 2010

Compass Summit will take place Oct. 24-26 at the Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA.

Compass Summit is created by four of the original founders of Techonomy in an effort to expand and evolve the original program we debuted at Lake Tahoe in 2010. Compass is a broader and more focused look at what’s possible and what’s important when leaders contemplate solutions to some of the big, global challenges and economic opportunities facing their organizations and our society.

The team includes Brent Schlender and Peter Petre, two of the key editorial voices that designed the Techonomy manifesto and program; Carolyn Jones, the creative director who orchestrated the experience of the conference and produced all the video and educational materials from the conference; and Michael Christman, the executive producer. Participants who relished that inaugural effort should take a close look at the Compass Summit program and philosophy to see how we have both remained true to our original ideas, and taken them to the next level.

Compass Summit is by invitation only and attendance is restricted to 300 participants. These will include thought leaders from across industry, science and government, senior executives, and venture capitalists. For application information, please e-mail The registration fee is US$4,000; participants who can afford to do so are asked to help subsidize those for whom the fee would represent a hardship.

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