Gadhafi forces enter Rebel city of Benghazi and were shooting artillery and using tanks

Moammar Gadhafi’s military forces pushed into the rebel stronghold of Benghazi on Saturday, as international leaders pondered military options against a Libyan government intent on destroying the fledgling opposition movement.

Incoming artillery rounds landed inside the city, and pro-Gadhafi tanks rolled into the town firing rounds, witnesses said. Plumes of smoke rose in Benghazi as civilians said buildings came under small arms fire and fled their homes in fear of a full-blown assault there.

French president Sarkhozy announced in a televised speech that they are intervening

Saturday we will have a summit in Paris with all the major participants in the operations and in the diplomatic effort. So I think it would be a good moment to send the last signal,” the French ambassador to the United Nations told BBC’s Newsnight.

Experts believe a military intervention will be difficult and unpredictable, but it is surely better than watching in real time as Gaddafi continues to oppress his people and deny them their right to demand a better form of government.

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