X-ray scanner for infrastructure inspection confirmed as feasible using nuclear fusion prototype

Lawrenceville Plasma Physics (LPP) has confirmed that the current nuclear fusion prototype can be configured to generate sufficient high energy X-rays for an x-scan spinoff.

LPP March 3, 2011 report (4 pages):

Measurement of intense, high-energy X-rays from the electron beam through 6” of metal demonstrate the technical feasibility of X-Scan spin-off technology

New experiments this month have demonstrated for the first time that the main spin-off technology of our research, the X-Scan instrument to inspect roads, bridges, and other major infrastructure, is technically feasible with a DPF similar to our FF-1. While this is only a laboratory demonstration, far from a commercial product, the new experimental evidence indicates that such a commercial product is feasible, given adequate engineering funding. In our view, this considerably increases the chances that LPP will have a profitable product, even before the development of Focus Fusion.

Based on discussions with likely final customers, mainly state departments of transportation, indicate that an X-ray source integrated into an inspection system can yield sales of $20 million a year and profits of at least $3 million a year within two or three years of introduction into the market. This could be achieved in 3-4 years.

A commercial x-ray inspection product, including ruggedizing a DPF sufficiently to be carried by a truck. Even from an experimental standpoint, the variability in the beams will have to be greatly reduced. We expect to be studying this variability intensely in the coming months. However, the demonstration should be sufficient to attract the interest of potential partners in the inspection and non-destructive-testing markets, and we will soon be contacting these potential partners.

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