CAMISMA – New composites for lighter cars

Evonik has successfully developed materials and systems for lightweight solutions for the automotive sector. Together with three other industrial partners (Johnson Controls GmbH, Jacob plastics GmbH and Toho Tenax Europe GmbH) and the University of Aachen (Institute for textile technology [ITA] and Automotive Institute [IKA]). Creavis the strategic research and development centre of Evonik is developing a novel lightweight construction concept. In such that, both steel and lightweight metals are to partially replaced. The project is called CAMIMSA (translated from the German: carbon fibre/amide/metal-based interior structural elements in a multi-material system approach).

They have a three year project will to develop a complete solutions approach to enable the use of economically priced carbon fibre composites for multi-material systems. To determine the feasibility of this concept, an exemplary Seat Panel Structure will serve as a guide for the development, production and testing. The overall goal is to reduce the weight of a standard metallic system by 40%.

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