Carbon Capture and Sequestration status

IEA hopes that Carbon Capture and Sequestration will be big help

A CO2 capture plant pilot in Brindisi was officially opened on 1 March 2011.

Enel was granted an important permit for the Porto Tolle power plant in January 2011 to convert the existing oil-fired power plant to a coal-fired power plant with three units. The construction work for the power plant will start soon. The Porto Tolle CCS project will install a carbon capture plant on one of the new units at the power plant.

In 2011 and 2012, we will meet several milestones in the project planning stages that mature and define the project. As mentioned, the FEED studies for the capture part will be completed next month and, based on these studies, we will select the capture technology in August. In March 2012 the transport pipeline FEED will be also completed. Detailed engineering for the project will be completed by April 2012, together with detailed cost evaluation.

To date, no commercial-scale integrated power plant with CCS exists. What’s more, the addition of CCS systems to both existing and future power plants will likely add between 50% and 70% to the cost of producing electricity.

how does the IEA suggest that renewable generation be doubled in the next nine years?

Through increased investment in renewable technology – most importantly, so-called “clean coal.”“Extensive deployment of carbon capture and storage is critical to achieve climate change goals,” the report claims, calling for around 100 large-scale CCS projects by 2020, and over 3,000 by 2050. There are five large-scale CCS in operation today – none of which are commercial deployments. However, building 10 CCS plants a year over the next nine years is a fantasy.

Wikipedia also lists the carbon capture and storage projects and the challenges and issues for CCS

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