LTE competition in South Korea prompts plans for LTE Advanced to begin in 2013

LTE Advanced has been demoed at speeds of 1.2 gbps LTE has theoretical speeds of 300mbps and has been demoed at about 150 mbps.

SK Telecom (South Korea) intends to upgrade to LTE’s successor, LTE-Advanced, starting in 2013.

SK Telecom also said it would apply Coordinated Multi-Point technology to the network when up and running in a bid to prevent base station interference, and “pursue early development” of LTE femtocell.

SK Telecom is South Korea’s largest mobile operator. The company will be going head to head against LG U+ – which also plans to launch LTE in July – and KT, which has its own LTE ambitions.

South Korea also has advanced Wimax with download speeds of 40 mbps

TeliaSonera (in Norway) will implement Huawei’s SingleRAN@Broad solution offering theoretical data speeds of 150 Mb/s. In addition, the 42 Mb/s HSPA+ network will be deployed and prepared for 84 Mb/s HSPA+. The project will start immediately and be finalized by the end of 2012.

Speed tests show Teliasonera LTE (90mbps peak) actually achieving recorded peak broadband download speeds of 48Mbps (36.1Mbps mean) where as Mean latency was just 23ms. Epitiro, at the same time, tested TeliaSonera’s legacy 3G network; LTE delivered mean download speeds nine times faster, and its latency was five times faster.

Early reports indicate that the LTE deployment in Japan has had early performance issues. Docomo implemented a 75 mbps version of LTE.

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