Rumor of a 23 inch tablet from Lenovo is denied

Lenovo not working in 2011 on a 23 inch tablet that looks a bit like their all in one. But does it make sense later ?

Lenovo’s Raymond Gorman was pretty clear, e-mailing the following message: “It is usually not our practice to talk about unannounced products, but in this case I will tell you that we have no plans to introduce a 23-inch tablet.”

Gadget Show Live, William Cai – senior specialist in marketing for the company – talked about the problem with multiple screens in the home. He expressed his belief that a tablet that could be moved from room to room and used on tables as well as docked as an All-in-One could be an elegant answer.

We’d have to take care of battery life and we are working to get the weight down.

“It’s obviously not for full mobility use, but it could be moved from room to room in the house and used with a full keyboard, or as a television.Or you could lay it on a table top and use it for family games.

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