Carnival of Nuclear Energy 51

Carnival of Nuclear Energy 51 is up at Nuclear Green

Kirk Sorenson has been running the Energy from thorium blog for five years now

First is the environmentalist community. Thorium is a reliable and energy-rich substance that can address many of their issues with existing forms of nuclear power. Yet not a single environmentalist organization of any stature has embraced it. Why?

Second is the nuclear power generation community. LFTR technology addresses concerns about safety, high-pressure operation, spent-fuel management, nuclear fuel resources, and a host of other concerns. Yet not a single large-scale nuclear manufacturer has any effort to develop LFTR. No national nuclear program outside of the Chinese has an effort to develop thorium/LFTR. Why?

Two bets for 2010 on uranium production were officially confirmed as being won by me and another will be officially confirmed shortly on nuclear power generation.

Antineutrino detectors ($100,000-250,000 each) are closer to being able to help prevent nuclear proliferation

Waste heat from nuclear power plants and other power generation and industrial facilities could be captured using new micro gap thermal photovoltaics

Update on a nuclear fusion project. Larger scale inertial electrostatic prototype is working as expected and there will be an official report in about 12 months.

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