Desertec is a proposal for terawatts of wind and solar to be located in Libya and Algeria and Saudi Arabia for European Power

Desertec is a solar and wind power plan to locate large amounts of renewable power generation in North Africa and other deserts of the world.

The proposal is to repeat the political situation that exists with OPEC and oil with renewable solar and wind. Locate the power in the exact same area that has all of the political unrest and instability now.

The square labeled “TRANS-CSP Mix EUMENA 2050” indicates the surface needed for solar collectors to realize DESERTEC in EU-MENA (according to the TRANS-CSP scenario by German Aerospace Center DLR). This way the needs for seawater desalination and about two-thirds of the rising electricity consumption in the MENA region could be provided and about 17 percent of the European electricity consumption in 2050 (2,940 TWh/a, 120×120 km² in total).

The current proposal is to generate about 12% more power than is currently generated from nuclear power by developing solar and wind for 400 billion euros if it goes according the plan by 2050.

The detailed financial and technical proposal is due in 2012. So currently it is a back of napkin proposal and they hope to progress to vaporware in 2012, all for a bad idea for Europe to fund a solar and wind OPEC by 2050.

Currently there is the Libyan war of 2011

There is unrest and violence in Algeria

Wikipedia on the Middle East and North Africa protests

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