Greek Scientist Stremmenos discusses the Rossi and Focardi Energy Catalyzer in an interview

Prof. Stremmenos is a scientist in Greece and former ambassador to Italy. He discusses the Rossi and Focardi energy catalyzer in an interview Professor Christos Stremmenos is the man who brought cold fusion to Greece, and worked with the Greek government to set up the factory that will manufacture the “Energy Catalyzer” reactors which Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi invented and tested, and which will produce a 1-megawatt power plant. Professor Stremmenos is Vice-President of Defkalion.

In the second part of the interview Professor Stremmenos focuses on recent events. He tells of his mediation with the Greek government to make an industrial plant possible. For this purpose, Defkalion Green Technology was formed, a business venture of which he is vice-chairman — on “honorary terms”, he says. His harsh criticism of those who, within the scientific community, refuse to give the new discovery due consideration, goes side by side with his enthusiasm for the discovery of a new technology which he calls “revolutionary” and capable of solving mankind’s energy problems, Christos Stremmenos declares: “Skeptics shall be defeated by the market — though this discovery is not meant to serve capitalists, but mankind”. The date is set, he says, for the October opening of the first cold fusion power plant, in Greece.

* discusses his research that degassing nickel powders was important.
* Rossi’s great contribution was activating the system through this catalyzer … going from Watts to Kilowatts, and he’s keeping it a secret
* we have even more ideas which should be [developed] as far as research is concerned: how to excite the system by other, not just chemical, means, (for a catalyzer has a chemical action). Exciting the system by other chemical and physical means, improving it, making it a little more flexible, so that in the future … who knows, in a few years … it may be used for cars, jet planes, etc. In short, the road is still long

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