Intel rewrites Atom road map

EEtimes – Intel pledged to rewrite its road map to focus on lower power processors, delivering 22 and 14nm versions of its Atom processor in the next three years.

Intel will release a 14nm Airmont and 22nm Silvermont versions of Atom in addition to a 32nm Saltwell design in the next 36 months, Otellini said. The acceleration of new Atom designs will create a “very compelling road map [that] doubles the pace of Moore’s Law” progress for the architecture, he said.

The move essentially shifts Intel’s center of gravity in design from 35-40W notebook processors to 15W notebook and SoC chips.

Intel promises within the next 24 months, tablet-like ultrathin consumer PCs running multiple OS and supporting all-day battery life. This is about reinventing the PC, making it more of a consumer electronics device.

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