New Predictions from Legendary designer of future visions Syd Mead

Syd Mead was the designer of the technological visions in Blade Runner and Tron. In a recent Popular Science, Syd Mead revealed new future visions and predictions

Syd Mead believes that lightweight exoskeletons will be made using electroactive polymers. Electroactive polymers will be more like muscles and will be more efficient than hydraulics or electric motors for exoskeletons.

Other Syd Mead predictions:

2. Hands-Free Highways

“Cars have already become semi-sentient,” says Mead, citing the recent introduction of consumer-level “self-parking” systems. Soon cars will be able to communicate with one another, which could end slowdowns caused by erratic human judgment.

3. Printable Replacement Organs

3-D printers with micro-precise nozzles could turn out custom replacement body parts built using our own stem cells.

4. Swappable Car Bodies

Riffing off universal chassis systems such as GM’s drive-by-wire “skateboard” concept, Mead foresees a day when we’ll be attaching new car-body modules onto an underlying, independently powered frame as quickly and easily as we change shirts.

5. Covert Bank Warfare – with enough authority someone can economically delete people and make the a non-person.

Syd Mead’s website

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