Portable PCs dominate now and will dominate even more in the future

Tablets and notebooks are the dominating forms for PCs. Portable computers are forecast to account for 62 percent of worldwide PC shipments in 2011, compared to 58 percent of the total in 2010 and just 31 percent in 2005.

Apple’s share of the notebook market was 4.8% in 2010 and should increase to 6% by the end of 2011 The forecast trend if for Apple to increase its share of the notebook market to 7-8% in 2014-2017.

Apple’s tablet share has been 80-85% and is projected to go to about 47% in 2015

Combined the projections show Apple increasing from 15% overall PC share (2011) to 18-20% in 2014. Apple’s share in 2010 was about 5-6%. Apple’s domination in tablets is driving the rapid escalation in Apple PC share. Apple is also stronger in notebooks that is in on the desktop.

An estimate is that Apple will sell 54 million Macs and tablets in 2011.

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