Rossi and Focardi Energy Catalyzer

Pure Energy Systems reports that Andrea Rossi has stated that there are currently 105 E-Cat modules in continuous operation. Rossi claims these are modules that will be used in the one megawatt plant, and that he is personally constructing additional units every day.

Andrea Rossi has announced that an E-Cat unit will be sent to both the University of Uppsala and the University of Stockholm for extended testing. Perhaps after working with the device themselves, skeptics such as these two will eventually change their minds.

If Rossi’s technology works as advertised it could mean that a revolution in energy production is on the horizon. Rossi has said that he will be charging 1 cent per kWh initially for the electricity he produces. That is approximately one tenth of the average cost of electricity in the US.

The e-cat device looks very simple with pipes and some catalyzation of nickel nanopowders.

Scaling up to hundreds of factories is logistically doable within three years, which would be the case if Gigawatts of clean power could be reliably produced at ten times lower cost.

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