57th Carnival of Nuclear Energy Bloggers

The 57th Carnival of Nuclear Energy Bloggers is up at the ANS Nuclear Cafe

Fox news has reportedly removed a video from its website with bogus content, it has gone viral and appears in numerous places on the Internet. The video has anti-nuclear groups claims that radiation levels in the water in Philadelphia are responsible for a spike in infant mortality. These kinds of bogus news stories scare parents and the truth rarely catches up with fiction.

Atomic Insights indicates that natural gas is the primary energy source that is built instead of nuclear power. It is not more renewables but more natural gas power that is built.

Atomic Power Review discusses the battle against misinformation on the internet

NEI Nuclear corrects the information about nuclear plant costs and the costs of other forms of energy.

I covered my victory in three 2010 bets with Dittmar. Michael Dittmar had four articles at the Oil Drum abd four papers in Arxiv and had a bunch of coverage at the Technology Review, Economist and newspapers. He predicted a failure to mine more uranium per year and a reduction in nuclear power generation from lack of sufficient uranium. Annual uranium mined is already over 20% more than Dittmar predicted for any year from 2010-2018. It seems pretty clear the lack of ability to mine uranium thesis is complete bunk.

2630 TWH for 2010 (over 2590 TWh I won)
53663 tons of uranium for 2010 (over 50,500 tons I won)
17803 tons of uranium kazakhstan for 2010 (over 15750 tons I won)

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) sees a decade of growth for nuclear power with only a marginal impact from the Fukushima accident. They reduced their expectations for global nuclear capacity in 2020, but the figure still grows by 27% compared to 2010.

Robert Zubrin calls for the firing NRC Chairman Jackzo.

4 Factor Consulting indicates that only the President of the United States can remove the Chairman of the NRC.

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